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Consulting Services Over the past 10 years, Curry Computer Technology has developed reliable, cost-effective solutions to increase the efficiency and revenue potential of your insurance agency. We offer a wide range of service and customized solutions designed to meet your computer needs, but are also available for individual consulting on your existing system.

Contact us for an evaluation and recommendations for improvements to your current computer network, or a complete overhaul of your system. We will address the specific areas you feel are in need of renovation, and offer you some options that perhaps you didn't know are available.

Whether you need a full package of services, essential additions, minor repairs, or troubleshooting - we want to assist you with a better computer network. We offer all these services individually and competitively:

  • Hardware/Software distribution and installation
  • Remote Office Setup
  • Offline Backup
  • Website design/maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Network Security/Virus protection
  • Email/Fax Solutions

If you want to know what's become new in the field, we can assist you with analysis and recommendations. If you're happy with your current system, but would like personalized assistance in achieving its full potential, CCT can accommodate. We will even train your staff to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the improvements we make.

Some of the services that can increase your efficiency:

Emailing Insurance Documentation allows you to email applications, memos, certificates, and documents from your management system into files you can email.

Network faxing gives workers a fast, efficient way to send and receive documents electronically right from their desktops. This reduces costs, saves time, and improves productivity. Eliminate inefficient manual faxing, and reduce the need to maintain individual fax machines. Faxes arrive securely at the recipient's computer instead of the community fax machine.

Email and network virus protection software for workstations and servers: Organizations today face growing pressure to secure sophisticated network environments against increasingly complex threats. CTT provides greater access to the outside world but with fewer resources by using integrated security products which give you confidence that your network is secure.

  • Integrated Antivirus, Firewall, and Intrusion Detection
  • Comprehensive gateway protection in a fully integrated security appliance

We are able to combine firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus and other technologies, with protection that is more secure, less expensive and easier to manage than individual, non-integrated products.

We provide advanced virus protection and monitoring across your network with a centralized update and deployment feature, blocking incoming emails with virus and spam protection. New security features plus centralized policy management enable administrators to manage workstation and server groupings logically and create, deploy, and lock down security policies and settings to keep systems up to date and properly configured at all times.

Network speed - Increase your local area network with 100 Megabyte and 1 Gigabyte data speed through smart switchable hubs. Switches allow you to allocate bandwith for client-specific needs, enabling the prioritization of mission-critical traffic while logically grouping network nodes and resources. The switch supports an extensive array of routing protocols, including multicast protocols.

Our highly trained technical staff is available on an hourly basis for on-site installation and repairs of PC hardware, file servers, printers, Internet connections, and Microsoft and Novell networks.

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